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By enabling travelers to discover and book adventures directly with a trusted local tour operator, travelers can do more with less.  We’ve done most of the heavy lifting by relentlessly seeking out the top local tour operators around the world and making sure they are completely legitimate before allowing them to join the VentureFar platform and become VentureFar verified.


Why Adventure Travel Doesn't Have to Cost You an Arm & a LeG

Why Use VentureFar

What’s the catch? Why should you book on the VentureFar platform instead of directly with the tour operator once you’ve found a tour operator you like? All good questions! First, there is no catch. You can always book your tour directly with the tour operator, but booking on our platform does have several benefits. First off security and ease of payment, no more personal trips to the bank for a wire transfer, get your adventure booked with a few clicks right here.  We’re committed to making sure you adventure is amazing, and even though we’ve sourced the best local tour operators, should anything go wrong, booking on our platform means you get a 100% satisfaction guarantee on your adventure.

During the summer of 2011, people in the Horn of Africa suffered one of the worst droughts in over 60 years. 

We wanted to do something to help and decided we’d climb Kilimanjaro and rally our friends and family to help us raise $10,000 in 4 weeks time. 

Getting our fund raising pages up and running was easy, finding a tour operator on the other hand became a bit of a nightmare.

We scoured the web, visiting one tour operator website after another. The first quote we got from an adventure travel company here in the US was above $5000. Then we got a quote for $1200 from a local agency in Moshi, Tanzania. 

Lots of questions popped up. Why such a big price difference?? What was the US company offering that the local agency didn’t? We wanted to put our money back into the local economy, but could the local agency be trusted? 

Lots and lots of time and effort just to find a tour operator, when we were suppose to be spending our time training and raising money. There had to be a better way.

VentureFar was founded with the goal of making this painful process more simple. We vet local tour operators, so you don’t have to. We then give you this amazing platform to compare options and book  your tour with the tour operator of your choice directly on our site.

With VentureFar the painful process we went through to find a reliable local tour opertor for our Kilimanjaro climb is no longer an issue. 

We’re putting tranparency back into travel. By booking locally, not only do you save money, but also you put money back into the local economy of your travel destination. 


It’s simple, use VentureFar if you want to save time, save money and contribute to the local economy of your travel destination

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